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One of the most frequently asked questions about Hemp is how long it takes to work. The answer depends on several factors, including your method of ingestion, the quality of Hemp you use, and your individual body. Let’s look deeper.

Everyone’s body is different, so your Hemp experience may not be the same as another person’s. For some people, Hemp works almost immediately; others may only find results after using Hemp for several weeks. There are a few things that influence your experience, including:

Ingestion Method
Effects from edible products take the longest because Hemp must pass through your digestive tract and be metabolized. Oral dosing, such as with a tincture or oil, typically shows results faster than edibles. Vaping can often be felt within minutes as it gets directly into your bloodstream very quickly. Topical Hemp such as balms or lotions also have quick effectiveness, with potential effects being felt as rapidly as 5 to10 minutes after application.

Quality of Hemp
Unsurprisingly, high quality Hemp can greatly increase the outcome of your experience with Hemp products. Growing conditions, extraction methods, and manufacturing processes all affect Hemp quality. Poor quality products often have significantly lower Hemp content than what is stated on the package. It is essential to make sure you’re getting high quality Hemp from a company like JNS Premium Brands that verifies the purity and potency of their products with third-party test results.

Your Body
Your metabolism and body composition affect the rate of Hemp absorption and the amount that affects you. If your metabolism is slow, it might take longer to feel any effects from Hemp. If you are larger, you may need a higher dose of Hemp to see your desired results.

If you’re a new Hemp user, start with a lower dose and increase it by small increments until you achieve the outcome you’re looking for. It could take several days to several weeks to determine the best amount of Hemp for your needs. And if one ingestion method isn’t effective for you, try another. This is a good opportunity to listen closely to your body’s responses and needs. Check out the JNS Premium Brands lineup to find the best Hemp products for you.