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Summer’s here! It’s finally time to enjoy picnics, pool parties, and warm evenings again. But there’s one thing many pet owners dread about this time of year: the 4th of July. While the dazzling displays and loud explosions can be fun and exciting for people, they can be nerve-wracking, or even terrifying, for pets. Any pet owner who has watched their furry friend deal with fireworks-induced anxiety knows how difficult it can be for everyone.

There are several suggested ways to make the 4th of July more bearable for an anxious pet. Recommendations include tiring your pet out before the fireworks start, making a safe and secure space for them to hang out, creating a distraction, and soundproofing your space as much as possible. All of this is great advice, and can help diminish the anxiety your pet feels during the noise and commotion of the celebrations.

But when those modifications aren’t enough to calm your pet’s nerves, you may want to know if there is anything else you can try. Some experts suggest a visit to your veterinarian to see about anti-anxiety drugs. However, we have another suggestion: our specially formulated Pet Hemp oil. Unlike some traditional pharmaceutical medicines for pets, Hemp has no damaging side effects with proper dosage. There is no THC in our pet formula, so your pet won’t end up high or sedated. We use only high-quality Hemp isolate, coconut oil, and delicious bacon flavor.

Here is a handy dosage chart so you know how much Hemp to give your pet:

Regular Serving (in milligrams) = 0.25 x Weight of Pet
Example: 20lb Dog x 0.25 = 5mg

Severe Circumstances (in milligrams) = 0.50 x Weight of Pet
Example: 20lb Dog x 0.50 = 10mg

Frequency: Twice per day or as needed for pain and inflammation. For anxiety, give 30 minutes prior to event (guests, fireworks, car ride, etc.).

Each 30ml bottle contains 250mg of Hemp, or approximately 8mg per milliliter. The droppers provided with the product are metered, allowing you to easily dispense the correct amount. Simply mix the oil with your pet’s food, or put into a tasty treat. Here’s to a great summer, and we hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July!